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Netflixs Software Business Services

Netflixs Software Business Services Background Netflix is an online company with corporate headquarters in Los Gatos, California. Netflix was founded by Hastings who is also the CEO of the company. Netflix’s key business is online rental services in the software industry. Netflix’s software business services span various software products and services.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Netflix’s Software Business Services specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More Among these are DVD movies and several other software products. Despite disappointing results on its performance at the beginning, the innovative entrepreneur continued to tailor the company while identifying and exploiting new opportunities that presented themselves. That was when the company designed and developed a website that saw it host millions of subscribers making it rake in huge profits. That was in 2006. Netflix was founded at a time when the video industry was largel y populated by small retail outlets which were characterized by long product delivery time. The market was dominated by the then giant Blockbuster Inc. Blockbuster had no real marketing strategy and customer royalty was based on impulsive buying. It enjoyed booming sales with almost 100 percent success when Netflix joined the market. Upon its entry into the market in 1997, Netflix realized that the market that was dominated by the brick and motor marketing methods. The launch of this company was at the time of the beginning of internet retailing. Online selling was gaining an upper hand to brick and motor methods. This compelled Netflix’s to launch its own website in 1998 that specialized in the use of cross platform technologies in service delivery. At this time, different pricing models were tested to increase sales volume. Netflix was also adept at countering new entrants and developments in the market. One of this was the development of a video provision services on line. Porter’s Generic Strategy According to Porter (1974), successful business organizations incorporate one or more of the generic strategy options to propel it to success. Among these strategies are cost leadership, focus, and group differentiation. A critical analysis and evaluation of the cases study reveals that Netflix had to various extents incorporated these strategies in its business pursuits with each generic strategy contributing to the success or failure of the company in its pursuits. Netflix emphasized on the focus strategy with the other strategies playing a minor role in the firms’ pursuits.Advertising Looking for term paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More The differentiation strategy is where a company concentrates its efforts in developing a single product then invests in identifying and incorporating unique attributes that meet customer needs (Porter, 1974). Porter (1975) asserts that by adding value to a product and creating uniqueness in product to attract customers, customers are likely to purchase the product at a higher price. That was the case with Netflix. Netflix original move into the market targeted the renting of videos in the movie industry. That strategy could be achieved by the use of recently developed and upcoming internet marketing technology which other companies had not incorporated in their business pursuits. The case study reveals that Netflix’s newly launched website integrated a search engine that enabled each customer to search and access products of one’s choice. Netflix’s management showed such talent and ingenuity in marketing their products by employing already available and established supply chain infrastructure and technology. One of the infrastructure tools included the US’s postal services. The firm incurred slight expenses in delivering the DVD’s to the customers as they wer e light in weight. In creating value and uniqueness to its products using the group differentiation strategy, Netflix endeavored to characterize its products with value, user friendliness and convenience, and unique selections. That was evident when Hastings coined a term for their customers that Amazon used to refer to its customers, eBay. According to Porter (1975), a company that invests in this approach should be led by a well skilled and dedicated team. That was the case with Netflix. Netflix’s management was led by Hastings, an entrepreneur at heart. In addition to that, Porter affirms that a company organized around pursuing excellence and aiming at gaining a greater advantage in the market should have a good reputation should revolve around high product quality and innovation. The case with Netflix is outstanding here. Netflix did not only focus on DVD sales, they had other serious considerations in product innovation. Among these were a focus on video-on-demand and a lternatives to VOD. Porter (1974) argues that a company may not necessarily integrate all the generic characteristics depending on the nature of its business. An analysis of the case study indicates that Netflix did not pay much attention to cost leadership. Some of the pricing models did not work for Netflix.Advertising We will write a custom term paper sample on Netflix’s Software Business Services specifically for you for only $16.05 $11/page Learn More One such model involved a situation where the firm spent several thousands of dollars in adverts only to gain a paltry income from such an endeavor. Netflix at times charged high rental fees for their online videos which at times drove its customers away. However, technology seems to have paced Netflix at an upper hand compared to other companies involved I the same business pursuits. However to a large extent, Netflix incorporated the generic aspect of focus strategy. The focus strategy is where a firm concentrates on one firm and later on attempts to manipulate product prices to achieve an advantage over competitors (Porter, 1975). Netflix did not succeed with this strategy to a desirable extent but seems to have lost some customers due to that. Porter’s Five Forces Netflix entered a market that Porter (1974) affirms is driven by five forces. These include the bargaining power of customers, threat of new entrants, bargaining power of buyers, threat of substitute products, and rivalry among competing firms. At Netflix, the bargaining buyer of customers was realized when despite intensive marketing activities, the firm earned paltry sums far below their target. Instead of earning the company more customers, thus increasing the revenue, the company was facing a loss. Customers had driven sense into the company’s executives that they could determine a company’s profitability and the model they use in pricing their products. This pricing element was evident when some customers felt dissatisfied by the pricing system compelling Netflix to rethink and introduce a new pricing mechanism. Netflix could counter new entrants by its relentless pursuits to adopt new technologies and integrate them to the service sit was offering. That was the case when it entered the field of video-on-demand. Despite the huge investments it had made, Netflix did not realize quick returns as there were no technologies in the form of hardware platforms to support such services. Netflix is noted to have lost a chunk of revenue in advertising these service customers were not willing to pay for. The case study however reveals that later innovations saw Netflix succeed in this field. One other case was the entry of VOD services and the fierce completion Netflix had to fight off before they could get a foothold in this widely dominated market by Netflix. Netflix swung into action by exploiting new technology platforms that were not characterized by her competitors in gaining a firm foothold. Another force experience in this industry was the bargaining power of buyers. As discussed above, Netflix had to succumb to buyer’s buying behavior as in some instances; new innovations could not be priced as per Netflix’s dreams. That was the case with investments and intense marketing campaigns conducted by Netflix for the newly launched services, VOD.Advertising Looking for term paper on business economics? Let's see if we can help you! Get your first paper with 15% OFF Learn More Porter (1975) asserts that companies can endeavor to enter a market by offering substitute products that may serve the needs of current products offered in the market. The case with Netflix is a striking one. The case study reveals that substitute products were too below bar in competing with those offered by Netflix and the company was now enjoying an undisrupted share of the market. Netflix carefully blended these generic forces to its advantage. Rivalry among competing firms saw Netflix to be a runaway case. Arguments demonstrate how competitors went to the extent of accusing Netflix of infringing upon copy right laws in offering these videos online. This line of attack was shaken off by Netflix’s executives who argued that Netflix was offering these services just like any retail outlet could buy and sell a product, except Netflix was using the new internet technology that these other firms had not put to full use. Value Chain Netflix’s management was keen at exploi ting information technology in incorporating value chain activities in its service. A striking example was when the company’s turnaround time for product deliveries was drastically enhanced by the use of appropriate technology. Each customer who opted to stay or leave the company could be requested to leave an answered questionnaire about their decisions. These could be used to identify the weaknesses inherent in the system and determine new methods of fulfilling customer needs and wants. One such revelation was identified with the company’s ever changing rental fees. Other value chain addition activities spanned the infrastructure the company was using and its implementation of new technologies to enhance value for its customers. Netflix’s system product acquisition was also automated, with automated searches using an integrated search engine. Implementation of Information Technology in Netflix To stay afloat in the already large market and maintain the custome r base, Netflix will have to implement an IT infrastructure that could offer reliable support for its business transactions (Smith, Short, 2001). One of these could be a data mining application. The data mining application could be integrated in the organizations’ information system to assists in decision making. Netflix is a highly customer focused organization. Data mining could help enhance communication, help the company compare its prices with other companies evaluate customer satisfaction, evaluate supplier relationships, enhance staff skills, and provide an overview of company progress and performance. On the other hand decision support system could be incorporated into the company to help improve decision making from the company’s data warehouse, provide real time sales compressions, and model decision making context (Shermis, Stemmer, Berger, Anderson, 1991). The outputs from this system could significantly depend on the inputs from the company’s data warehouse and the decisions made could reflect the actual potion of the company. In addition to that, a customer relationships management should be incorporated as it helps the management to sustain its old and new customers, meet customer needs, and establish a good working relationship with other companies and customers. According to Silverman (1993), a supply chain management system if well incorporated into this company could help create competitive advantage for the firm by enabling it to optimize all factors relevant to customer satisfaction and company benefits. This system could help the company identify key factors central to its success and enable management optimize all aspects of controls in its marketing strategies and supply and acquisition logistics (Smith, Short, 2001). Recommendations Based on the above discussion, Netflix should continuously adapt to changing technological dynamism and new market opportunities in reaching various markets. Netflix’s managem ent should hire experts on cross culture management to ensure a cross culture component is incorporated in its pursuits. This could be the case since newer opportunities lie outside Netflix’s current market that is characterized by a fairly uniform culture. In addition to that, the firm should incorporate user friendly software products that are cross platform and compatible with other software products to enhance usability. To maintain a large market share, the company should always incorporate faire business practices in its pursuits. In addition to that, Netflix should endeavor to develop software that can bar piracies on its products in addition to patenting its products. The company should invest in software technologies that bar any could be illegal downloading of files or unauthorized access or copying of its products. That could bar illegal usage of its video products since it denies the company legitimate profits that could accrue from those sales. The company should continuously evaluate the role played by information technology in propelling it to its position, the ever changing trends in the industry I terms of provision of services and other related services. It should continuously revise its plans to make them current and relevant to the identified changes and endeavor to incorporate new technologies in its pursuits. References Porter,M.E.(1973).Consumer Behavior, Retailer Power, and Manufacturer Strategy in  Consumer Goods Industries. Harvard, Cambridge MA. Porte, M. E. (1974). Consumer Behavior, Retailer Power and Market Performance in Consumer Goods Industries. The Review of Economics and Statistics, 56(4), 419†436. Shermis, M. D., Stemmer, P. M., Berger, C. F., Anderson, G. E. (1991). Using microcomputers in social science research. Boston: Allyn and Bacon. Silverman, D. (1993). Interpreting qualitative data: Methods for analyzing talk, text, and  interaction. London: Sage Publications. Smith, C., Short P. M. (2001). Integr ating technology to improve the efficiency of qualitative data analysis- A note on methods. Qualitative Sociology, 24, 401-407.

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LNG & LPG vs. Kerosene in Fueling Aircrafts Essay

LNG & LPG vs. Kerosene in Fueling Aircrafts - Essay Example Indeed, there are high-tech types of aircrafts in the world that use different forms of energy, improved technology, and carrying many passengers. Nevertheless, there are other factors that affect the operations in the aviation industry that include environmental factors, price of fuel and other aircraft equipment, and the development of more effective and convenient sources of energy (Federal Aviation Administration, 2009). However, this paper will address the issue of fueling different types of aircrafts in different parts of the world and at different environments. More so, the paper will compare all relevant factors that relate to the usage of kerosene, LPG, and LNG in fueling aircrafts. Ideally, powerful piston engines and jet turbines that run aircraft engines require more combustible and complicated engine fuels than other engines including vehicles. Most importantly, the technological development of aircraft fuels and other relevant technological advancements have a huge impa ct on the engine fuels that aircrafts use today. Indeed, the invention of jet engines propagated a big challenge for engine designers since such engines require fuels that take time to vaporize not like Avgas that turns to gaseous state so easily. Nevertheless, the newly invented equally have other requirements thus mandating the aircraft engineers to use kerosene or a kerosene-gasoline mix instead of gasoline alone. Furthermore, certain types of aircraft operations require specific types of fuel to operate. However, regardless of the used type of jet fuel, all jet fuels must attain the standards aircraft turbine engines and fuel systems requirements. Actually, all aircraft engine fuels must be free from oxidation deposits in high-temperature zones and must be pristine. In the aviation industry, aircraft engineers rate the effectiveness of jet fuels according to its level of octane (U.S Centennial of Flight Commission, n.y). In fact, aircraft engineer prescribe high amounts of octan e in jet fuels as they effectively permit a powerful piston engine to burn its fuel. For many years, the aviation industry used the same kind of gasoline to power aircraft engines. However, after various studies and engine technological developments, they realized that gasoline was not efficient for powering the large, powerful engines used by piston-driven airplanes. Hence, the introduction of JET B fuel in civilian aviation. Though expensive, JET B fuel performs superbly in cold-weather performance and is in the class of naphtha-kerosene. Nevertheless, JET B fuel has a lighter composition making it dangerous to handle and thus not applicable in cold weather. Notably, aircraft combustors demand for jet fuels that are smokeless, that atomize and combust at low temperatures, and release adequate heat. Such fuels should also ignite with controlled radiation and cause no attack to hot turbines (ALGLAS, 2012). Furthermore, long-duration flights, and high altitudes equally necessitate fo r jet fuels with specified requirements. However, flight engineers use petroleum to manufacture almost all jet fuels in the world today. Nevertheless, we still have a small percentage of jet fuels from oil sands, shale oil, natural gas, and coal. Actually, kerosene and paraffin oil-based fuel are the most common jet fuels mostly known as JET A-1.Indeed, JET A-1fuel draws world recognition as it complies with international standards of jet fuel specifications (ALGLAS, 2012). There are concerned efforts to develop other jet fuel plants and move away from the high cost synthetic fuels manufacturers. Indeed, the United States America imports synthetic fuel since it does not have Fischer-Tropsch plants to manufacture jet fuel. Assuredly,

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Global Perspectives on Health Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

Global Perspectives on Health - Essay Example While aspects such as GDP growth, Infant Mortality Rate and Adult Literacy Rate, Tanzania records a relatively higher statistic in comparison to the whole of the average in the African Region. Nevertheless, when we look at the statistics in a global perspective, it can be concluded that the numbers for Tanzania is staggering. Total Fertility Rate, Under 5 Mortality Rate and Life Expectancy at Birth are just some of the health indicators which show how the country is struggling in indispensable area of health care. The graphs show that there is little to no progression in terms of Life Expectancy at Birth, Infant Mortality Rate, Under 5 Mortality Rate and Total Fertility Rate of Tanzania. It can be observed that Infant and Under 5 Mortality Rates gradually decreased in more recent years. Life expectancy was also augmented while Fertility Rate remained more or less at the same level. This increase in statistics is a good signifier of a move in progress in terms of health. Based on the data shown, it can be perceived that Tanzania has a reasonably high population rate wherein the number of male population is almost similar with the number of female population. It also illustrates that majority of this population are aged 20 and below. This can be directly related to the mortality and life expectancy rate of the country. The World Health Organization attributes the low level of health in the United Republic of Tanzania primarily to poor nutrition, illiteracy and gender inequality. HIV remains to be the most prevalent problem in the country’s communicable DALY but some progress is being shown. From 9.9% as reported in 2000, HIV infection slowed down to 7% within the years 2003-2004 (World Health

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Social Work And Assessment To Framework Social Work Essay

Social Work And Assessment To Framework Social Work Essay Assessments have been a key element to the social work practice and we have seen many changes and developments within assessments over the years. The Childrens Act 1989 and other legislation such as Criminal Justice Act 1991 and NHS and Community Care Act 1990 all contributed towards the changes made within the assessment process. The objective has been refined based on two key factors. First being the public enquiries that indentified shortcomings in legislations, policy and practices within social work and secondly the governments agenda for modernisation. (Wilson, et al.2008). Historically the objective of assessments was primarily to consider the risks factors to children and families in accordance to legislation. However, since the framework for assessments was introduced in 2000, practitioners have been steered towards evaluating not only risks, but also needs and strengths of service users. Assessments are carried out to help both service users and Social Workers identify and understand the nature, rationale and degree of professional involvement. Although there are numerous definitions of assessments from social work academics, however, there is no one conclusive definition. Coulshed and Orme define assessments as; An on-going process, in which the client participates, the purpose of which is to understand how people relate to their environment; it is a basis for planning what needs to be done to maintain, improve or bring about change in the person, the environment, or both. (Coulshed and Orme, 1998, pp21). There is a debate amongst academics as to whether assessments are an art or a science; Bradley and Parker (2007) have explored the different assessment definitions and have concluded: A balance approach would suggest that social work assessment is both an art and a science since it involves wisdom, skills, appreciation of diversity and systematic applied knowledge in practice. (Parker and Bradley, 2007, p4) Although there are many definitions of assessments the objective remains the same, it is to identify needs and have a plan of interventions, which meets the objectives of all concerned. Assessments are a working document that can be legally binding, which need assessing, reviewing and planning. Assessments are a systematic process that include various components and involve methods such as, gathering of information, analysing objectively, collaborating with service users and other professionals including sharing of information with colleagues, assessing the eligibility and recording information accurately. (Thompson Thompson, 2008). There are many vital interpersonal and communication skills that are required when gathering information such as, good listening skills and have the ability to observe and absorb information correctly. Pamela Trevithick (2005) emphasise on the importance of verbal and none verbal communication, as well as listening and observation skills, before embarking on the assessment process. (Trevithick, 2005). Assessments are not just about gathering information, but are about having the ability and knowledge to make correct judgments and analyse objectively. Milner and O Byrne (2009) suggest that when analysing data, social workers will use knowledge and the theoretical perspectives which have been identified to expand their analysis. ( Milner and OByrne, 2009). In addition, upon analysing information consideration must be given to service users social, economical, cultural and ethnic background. Although assessment involve making informed judgement, it is vital to assess an individual need in relation to their environment. Milner and OByrne (2002) stress that it is crucial while making judgements social workers must avoid any form discrimination, such as labelling or judging peoples behaviour according to common stereotypes. Assessments are not a one way dialogue but rather a joint venture between service user and social worker. Although there can be the issue of power imbalance, it is crucial that there remains a shared power relationship whenever possible. Middleton (1997) has emphasised the importance of respecting individuality of service user during the assessment process, so that it can empower and help them manage and identify their individual strengths. In addition it is essential that social workers build a good relationship with service users, as they, must collaborate and share information with other agencies. There has been a heightened awareness that multi agencies collaboration is vital; however there are many barriers which have often contributed to the lack of communication between agencies. Sharkey (2000) has noted the underlying causes as being the different structure and values of the individual organisation. Social workers undertake assessments on behalf of the local authority therefore; eligibility depends upon a few factors, which include, need, the organisations criteria, resources and funding. Throughout the entire assessment process social workers must keep clear and accurate records of all the work undertaken and their findings. Social work assessments can be broken down into two types, one which is on-going and will change according to need and information, and the second being specific to the issues and will be limited to a particular time. However, these two components will often exist simultaneously in most assessments. Coulshed and Orme (2006) clarify that assessments are not a one off practice but are a process that continues even after a piece of work has been carried out. An on-going assessment process could be the result of subsequent changes that may occur in the service users life, and then responded to accordingly. By implementing this method of practice it ensures that the service users needs are adequately assessed and evaluated at all times. Pincus and Minahan (1973) have described assessment as a process that can be altered and adapted after obtaining new information and data, enabling the assessor to reassess the situation and review the effectiveness of their chosen cause of action. (Pinus and Minahan, 1973). Assessments that are carried out for a specific issues and are time limited, such as a court report or a case conference, are usually conducted in accordance to legal obligations. This formula is focussed on making judgements and identifying what is needed and how it can be achieved. This may not always be an accurate presentation of the service user life and may not hold any relevance in the future, but will target the issue within a particular the timescale. Furthermore, the level of assessment can be determined through the two types of assessments mentioned and by identifying the need and response levels of intervention, will give the service user a well structured and focussed base service. The importance of carrying out assessments is widely recognised in the area of social work practice and is a fundamental component in professional interventions. By carrying out assessments effectively and systematically, there are more chances of interventions to prove to be successful. At the heart of an excellent assessment there is careful planning, evaluating and applying appropriate professional involvement. Sutton (1999) has emphasised on the nature of assessment process with the ASPIRE model, Assessment, Planning, Intervention, Review and Evaluation. It is important that when discussing assessments, to be aware that this is not a singular action, but is also complemented by good interpersonal and communication skills. Due to the significance assessments have in social work practice, it is vital that the entire process is carried out with an objective and factual thought process. As inadequate preparation can lead to a catastrophic results as we have seen over the years.

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Short History of Gangs :: essays research papers

Since the beginning of time, youth groups or gangs have been in existence. These groups have had many negative effects on society for many years. These youth groups or gangs, as they are commonly called, have participated in many criminal and illegal acts that have plagued society. They have been stereotyped with such negative names as rowdies, bad kids, troublemakers, and many other mischievous names. Some of the earliest records of gangs date back to the fourteenth and fifteenth century in Europe. Some of the activities that these youths had been recorded as partaking in have been theft, robbery, extortion, and rape. At the same time in London, some of the names these gangs had were the Mims, Hectors, Bugle, and Dead Boys. These gangs did many types of vandalism to the city. Some of the recorded vandalism that had taken place was various buildings with broken windows, taverns that had been destroyed by the gangs, and assaulting the watch. And if the violence on the public was not enough, these deviant groups also had fights with themselves. When there would be a fight, the separate groups or factions would dress up with different colored ribbons so that they could tell who was with what faction or group. There were also other places where gang violence had been recorded. During the middle ages in France, there were factions that started fights with other factions that were from other places. In Germany during the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries, gangs were a part of the society. Gangs did not appear to have spread to the United States until the early 1800’s. Many Europeans migrated to the United States, mainly the east coast; in seek of a better way of life. After coming to the United States, the money that many of the Europeans had quickly became depleted. Many of these people had to take out loans to survive with local merchants. Seeing how many of the others had little to no money at all, they also had very little chance for any health care whatsoever. People were dying due to poverty and disease all over. Many people could not take care of there children. It was very common to see children wandering the streets in search of food, shelter, and clothing. These youths that roamed the streets were mainly in the New England areas like New York, Boston, and Philadelphia.

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Reflection on the book “Night” by Ellie Wiesel Essay

â€Å"I know it’s terrible, trying to have any faith†¦ when people are doing such horrible things. But you know what I sometimes think? I think the world may be going through a phase†¦ it’ll all pass, maybe not for hundreds of years but someday. I still believe in spite of everything that people are really good at heart.†(Diary of Anne Frank) While reading the book â€Å"night†, my view was that people had the right to lose faith after everything they had to go through. However, when I finished the book, I gave it a deep thought and realized that people are good at heart. Maybe it doesn’t take only one lifetime for them to realize what it means to be good and make good actions, but what is important is that maybe one day they will do realize it. It’s hard to accept that a person who was able to sleep after killing thousands of people, can change some day, but who knows? Life changes people and especially after such horrible scenes I think humans won’t let anything like this to happen again. In my opinion, the impact of the Holocaust is huge and people have learned their lesson. Killing and watching people of all ages suffer in such terrible ways didn’t do any good and it won’t do in the future. In times such as these, it’s hard to keep any faith. The only thing in your mind, other than how to survive, is to question life, or God, or even yourself â€Å"Why is this happening to me? What have I done wrong that I have to be punished for? Isn’t there a God?†. How can you explain to someone who has survived a concentration camp, that the one who had killed his/her family and friends, can change, can be good? Few are those who can understand the injustice of life, and moreover, can understand and believe that humans are not all that cruel. I truly believe that the phase when people were able to do anything without a blink of an eye has passed with the Holocaust. Also, I think that there are many people who pray for forgiveness for those who torture and murder, because â€Å"what goes around comes around†. Even if people don’t get killed themselves, life simply always gives it back to them, because the world has  to be in balance – one can’t kill, and have free soul at the same time.

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Babe Ruth, Charles Lindbergh, and Heny Ford Heros of the...

The economic and social change era was during the 1920’s. With the war ending in 1918 American’s began to worry less allowing people more time to enjoy themselves. During the 20’s, America was also building the economy back up that had been damaged during World War 1. The 20’s was a time that Americans enjoyed spending that extra time doing many activities. One of American’s favorites was watching baseball games, to be more specific the world’s greatest baseball player at the time, Babe Ruth. Since the war ended it allowed people to let their minds wander and to let their creative sides come out and invent things. Among these new inventers, Henry Ford’s invention had to have been one of the most influential in the 1920’s. Along with the inventors and professional baseball players, many other people in the 1920’s had great aspirations and goals. One of these people went by the name of Charles Lindbergh. Although these three men are diverse in race, personality, interests, and careers, they all share one major thing in common. They all represented some part of the American ideal. These three men brought America together as whole. Reaching their own dreams and goals inspired the U.S citizen’s to dream big and never give up. For this, they are considered heroes. George Herman also referred to as Babe Ruth, The Great Gambino, and The Suitan of Swat influenced the game of baseball greatly. This man, being six foot, two inches high and weighing two hundred and fifteen pounds